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Expand your boundaries and reduce your time to market with a partner bank. Lending programs, card programs, deposit accounts or payments. We prepare you from a regulatory compliance, contract negotiation and operational perspective for strategic partnerships with banks.

Fintech, Alternative & Marketplace Lenders

Looking for a bank sponsorship or strategic partnership? We were part of the very early Fintech & Bank partnerships and been part of some of the most successful partnership launches in history. Let us help you prepare for and find the right bank partner.


Earn more fee income, generate additional assets and diversify your deposit base. Improve profitability and lower capital growth requirements by partnering with a Fintech. We can help prepare your market entrance and create the control and oversight framework to comply with the relevant regulatory expectations. Guide your decision on whether to partner directly with a Fintech or work through a third-party technology connector.

Compliance & KYC/BSA Services

Initial Compliance Management System (“CMS”) build, including policies.
Fractional Compliance Officer.
Fractional KYC/BSA Officer.
Compliance Testing.
Due Diligence Assistance.
Risk Assessments.
Training Plan & Curriculum.
Prepare for Audits.

Adriaan was instrumental in significantly reducing our time to market with a partner bank. He guided us through the process end to end, inclusive of termsheet and contract negotiation, and helped us build a robust compliance management system.  Adriaan's prior bank experience gave us clarity on what is 'market' in the industry, what points can and should be negotiated, and provided solutions on how to make things work for both sides.
Fintech, Alternative and Marketplace Lenders and Banks complement each other well through strategic partnerships. With the sharing of technology, the origination of loans and deposits, or the issuance of cards. Expand your Fintech platform and leverage the benefits of a regulated partnership. Benefits of a Fintech partnering with a Bank:
  • Gain access to more markets and more customers
  • More uniformity with the export of rates and fees across states
  • Reduce state by state licensing requirements
  • Enhanced confidence from equity and capital providers

We help Fintechs with:

  • Choosing the right partner bank
  • Navigate the regulatory and licensing environment
  • Pricing negotiations, Letter of Intent and Definitive Agreements negotiations and finalization
  • Guidance and templates to build out your Compliance Management Systems and Information Security Environment
  • Introductions to key technology and services players to help build your technology and support stack
  • Finding key talent to execute on this strategy
  • Loan and Deposit program partnerships
  • Payments and Card Network Sponsorships
  • Expert advice on whether your Fintech should partner directly with a Bank or work through a third-party technology connector
Contact us today to explore how we can take your Fintech program to the next level. Let us guide your Fintech through the process, saving you time and money.
"Adriaan was an invaluable resource to us on the launch of our products. His experience and knowledge of the bank partnership landscape helped us move much faster and he was tremendously effective at translating our innovative product vision to our partners. Thanks to Adriaan we had a successful on-time launch."
"If it weren’t for Adriaan, Continental Bank wouldn’t be in the BaaS/Laas/sponsorship business. We engaged him at the inception of our idea, and he has guided, advised and worked alongside us for the last 18 months through nearly every facet of our business buildout. His applied experience, conscientiousness and responsiveness makes him invaluable. Adriaan is one of the most experienced people in the industry, providing independent and objective advice. Over the last 18 months he’s helped us: • create the regulatory and oversight framework to run Lending-as-a-Service and Banking-as-a-Service strategic partnerships, as well as card sponsorships • model projected economics • write internal and customer facing documentation • source, evaluate, and negotiate the right fintech partner opportunities • find, interview and hire experienced talent"
Enhance your profitability through partnerships with Fintech, as well as Alternative and Marketplace Lenders, for consumer and business accounts. Benefits of becoming a partner Bank to Fintech:
  • Partner banks consistently outperform the industry average
  • Earn significant fee income, with minimal capital outlay
  • Diversify your deposit channels and create the opportunity to cross sell other products
  • Forward flow loans for a fee, or retain select loans on your balance sheet
  • This is your opportunity to combine the best of both worlds, enhance your profitability through Banking as a Service (“BaaS”) or Lending as a Service (“LaaS”), while maintaining the personalized service to your existing customer base
We help banks with:
  • Introductions to top fintech prospects
  • Risk management including how to mitigate risk through reserve and collateral accounts
  • How to manage and enhance regulatory compliance, third-party oversight, information security and operational aspects of strategic partnerships under a bank charter
  • Specifications for staffing requirements
  • Finding key talent to execute on this strategy
  • Expert advice on whether your bank should partner directly with a Fintech or work through a third-party technology connector
It is not about abandoning your existing business model. It is about reaching entire new groups of customers in a cost effective way, with new products and new sources of fee income. Let us guide your bank through the process, saving you time and money. We focus on helping you reduce the risk of regulatory examination surprises.
“We had a great experience working with Adriaan in launching our lending platform with a bank partner. He is one of the most experienced people in the industry, providing independent and objective advice. If you are a fintech, looking for a new strategic bank partnership or a backup bank, I highly recommend you leverage his unique industry insight to help you secure the best deal and structure, saving time and money."
"Adriaan has been instrumental and crucial in ViaBill getting a bank partnership. He helped us find the right partner, provided tons of free documents to establish our CMS (Compliance Management System), and helped us throughout the due diligence process - even stepped in as Compliance Manager, while we recruited a new one. His knowledge in the industry is second to none and he even advises us on the European side of the business as well. Adriaan has gone above and beyond for our company, and I can't really recommend him enough. By far the best consultant I have ever worked with - and I mean that. Very fair on the cost-side as well."
Fintech2Bank independently introduce, create and manage Fintech & Bank partnership projects for lending, cards, deposits and payments programs. Prepare and guide FinTech, Banks, Marketplace and Alternative Lenders with the regulatory compliance, information security, contract negotiation and operational aspects of a strategic partnership under a bank charter. Helping you navigate the increasingly competitive landscape and finding the best partnership options for you. Saving Fintech and Banks time and money.
Founder, Adriaan van Zyl is a pioneer in the strategic partnership space, dating back to the mid-2000’s. Previously a bank executive, including CEO/president/COO at ADB Bank, WebBank and Axos Bank, he now represents banks and fintech to help create mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships. Often the first port of call for banks or fintech looking to get into this space, he has been part of some of the most successful bank/fintech launches in history.

“Having Adriaan as a consultant is one of the best business decisions we made. Adriaan not only possesses the most complete knowledge of the Bank/Fintech space of anyone I have ever met but he also brings with him access to his vast network of contacts that are invaluable to building any partnership program. It is highly unlikely that anyone else has been part of more successful fintech/bank partnerships than Adriaan. I highly recommend his services as a true business partner throughout the entire process, he definitely saved us time and money with his timely and accurate advice. The services he provided to us included finding the right bank partner, helping us in navigating the compliance process, guiding us through acquiring partnership and capital contracts, and most importantly with the complex economic negotiations required to ensure that the business is profitable for all parties, and as a bonus he provided us with excellent technology/vendor/capital recommendations that have allowed our business to grow and succeed.
"We had a great experience working with Adriaan in securing an additional bank strategic partner. If you are a FinTech, Marketplace Lender or Alt-Lender looking for a strategic bank partnership, I highly recommend you leverage his unique industry insight to help you secure the best deal and structure."
We were in the unique situation of having to introduce a first of kind lending product to a partner bank, and launch within a very tight time frame. Adriaan's extensive fintech/bank partnership experience was instrumental in helping us navigate the process and create a strong platform to launch our student financing product.
“Leveraging the expertise at Fintech2Bank, we were able to accelerate meeting the compliance and governance requirements of our bank partner”.


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