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Expand your boundaries and reduce your time to market with a partner bank. Lending programs, card programs, deposit accounts or payments. We prepare you from a regulatory compliance, contract negotiation and operational perspective for strategic partnerships with banks.

Fintech & Marketplace Lenders

Looking for a bank sponsorship or strategic partnership? We were part of the very early FinTech & Bank partnerships and been part of some of the most successful partnership launches in history. Let us help you prepare for and find the right bank partner.

Banks & Credit Unions

Be a leader in your industry and improve profitability by partnering with a FinTech. Leverage technology, improve scalability and earn more fee income. Don’t be left behind.

Bank & FinTech Industry Insights

Read our informative industry insights below or let's schedule a more personalized discussion about areas of interest to you.

Adriaan was instrumental in significantly reducing our time to market with a partner bank. He guided us through the process end to end, inclusive of termsheet and contract negotiation, and helped us build a robust compliance management system.  Adriaan's prior bank experience gave us clarity on what is 'market' in the industry, what points can and should be negotiated, and provided solutions on how to make things work for both sides.
FinTech, Marketplace Lenders and Banks complement each other well through strategic partnerships. With the sharing of technology, the origination of loans and deposits, or the issuance of cards. Expand your platform and leverage the benefits of a regulated partnership.
  • Gain access to the resources and support needed to market your products at scale
  • Navigate the regulatory and licensing environment, providing access to more states under a uniform set of regulations
  • Gain access to more customers
  • Enhanced confidence from capital providers
  • Share expenses and earn fee income to re-invest in your development work
  • Introductions to key players and additional resources
  • Loan and Deposit program partnerships
  • Payments and Card Network Sponsorships
Contact us today to explore how we can take your program to the next level.

Don’t let your bank be left behind. Contact us today to find out how your bank can benefit from the innovation, technology and new ideas of FinTech and Marketplace Lenders.

  • This is your opportunity to combine the best of both worlds, embracing the technologies that customers want, while maintaining the personalized service that your bank is known for
  • Earn fee income, with minimal capital outlay
  • Benefit from the ability to be first in line to offer state-of-the-art products and services to clients without having to foot the entire bill, especially where your bank lacks scale
  • Leverage the marketing expertise and digital origination channels of FinTech and Marketplace Lenders
  • Enhance your digital presence and effectiveness
It is not about abandoning your existing business model; it is more about serving your existing customers better, while also reaching entire new groups of customers in a cost effective way, with new products and new sources of fee income. Let us guide you through the process.
"We had a great experience working with Adriaan in securing an additional bank strategic partner. If you are a FinTech, Marketplace Lender or Alt-Lender looking for a strategic bank partnership, I highly recommend you leverage his unique industry insight to help you secure the best deal and structure."
“Leveraging the expertise at Fintech2Bank, we were able to accelerate meeting the compliance and governance requirements of our bank partner”.
Fintech2Bank introduce, create and manage FinTech & Bank partnership projects for lending, cards, deposits and payments programs. Prepare and guide FinTech, Marketplace and Alternative Lenders (ranging from startups to publicly traded) with the regulatory compliance, information security, contract negotiation and operational aspects of a strategic partnership with banks.

Founder, Adriaan van Zyl is a pioneer in the strategic partnership space, dating back to the mid-2000’s. Previously a bank CEO, now representing FinTech, he has been part of some of the most successful FinTech & Bank partnership launches in history.


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